Week 3

In spite of the snow squalls with near zero visibility, my roommate and I took a trip down to the Nashua airport on Thursday to put some time in flying with my friend and instructor Bob Cloutier. This was Austin’s first time in a helicopter and he was itching to get going as we got onto the highway for the hour and a half drive to the airport. Somewhere around exit 23 we ran into a few patches of falling snow that made it next to impossible to see the car in front of us. After cautiously maneuvering through it, we arrived to what looked less than promising. It seemed like there was zero chance we would be able to get off the ground but, after the preflight checks, we were clear to go. We ended up practicing a bunch of emergency procedures as well as a landing in a friend’s back yard. This being Austin’s first time, I was worried how he would react to falling out of the sky in a simulated engine failure but he loved it! All in all, I had a blast introducing someone to something totally new and having them love it.


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