Why It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is my favorite thing ever.

My father and I have what I would call an obsession with Comedy Central. We love laughing and we love television so naturally, our TV is always set to the station. Growing up, I remember seeing ads for this show that didn’t look all that funny, I thought it was just another sitcom. My god, I could not have been more wrong

One rainy afternoon a few years ago, we were in the living room and there was absolutely nothing interesting on TV so we figured we would try and sit through an episode of this show. After watching three short episodes of an It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia marathon, we were in tears we were laughing so hard. Since then, this has become more than our favorite show, it has become a bond between my father,  myself, and all of the people we know who love this show as much as we do.

A brief overview of the show; Always Sunny stars Mac, Charlie, Dennis, Dee, and Frank, five part owners – also known as “The Gang”- of a bar in Philadelphia called “Patty’s Pub”. Dennis and Dee are brother and sister, with Frank being their father and possibly Charlie’s(this is an ongoing mystery in the show). With a very unique brand of comedy, these five cause all sorts of havoc among their friends as well as total strangers, constantly scheming along the way. With Dee as the laughing stock, Mac as the want-to-be tough guy, Dennis as the outrageous sociopath, Charlie as the strange one, and Frank as the most absurd character Danny Devito has ever played, they’re definitely a colorful bunch. Starting as a self-filmed show created by Rob McElhenney (Mac) and Charlie Day (Charlie), It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has become massively successful and it is currently on track to be the longest running live action comedy in television history. I could spend hours talking about it, and I know that some people don’t have the same sense of humor I do, but below is a fan trailer (I can’t find a legal free episode online) and it gives you a good idea of it. If you have Netflix, I’d recommend binge watching seasons 1-10 like right now. Otherwise, have a look at the trailer!

WARNING- There is a solid amount of fowl language in the full show

Fan trailer:

Also a good thing to watch is Charlie’s commencement speech at Merrimack College from 2014 where he talks about how the show started as well as giving some inspiring words of wisdom while throwing in a touch of Sunny humor here and there.


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